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Neuchâtel beaker

2 100,00 

A silver-gilt beaker, circa 1700 Neuchâtel (Switzeland) Paul Lucas

Locket with silhouette


A silver-gilt locket presenting a man’s profil and monogram, circa 1770-1790

Silver fish platter

1 900,00 

An ovale silver fish platter, made between 1819 and 1830 by Jean-Charles Cahier

Bible with silver clasps


A Bible engraved silver clasps, printed in 1756 in Altona (Hamburg)

Colmar silver-gilt sugar sifter


A silver-gilt sugar sifter, Colmar circa 1770

Tabatière russe


Une tabatière en argent niellé, 1887 Moscou Iwan Dimitiewitsch Saltykov

Pair of silver salt cellars

1 800,00 

A pair of George III silver salt cellars, 1805-1806 London Paul Storr (1771-1844)

Flacon à sels


Un flacon à sels ou à parfum en cristal taillé avec bouchon en argent, Belgique 1831-1868

Silver sugar sifter


A gilded silver sugar sifter, Strasbourg 1809-1819 Jacob-Friedrich Kirstein

Dague de chasse


Une dague de chasse avec lame en acier et monture en argent, Paris 1770-1771

Silver sugar sifter


A silver sugar sifter, 1770 – 1771 Auxonne in Burgundy

Russian round box

4 800,00 

A gilt-silver round box with Catherine the Great, made in Moscou circa 1790

Russian round box

4 800,00 

A niello gilt-silver round box, made in Moscou circa 1780

Pierced basket

A sterling silver basket, Chester 1913 by Barker Bros

George III tantalus

1 500,00 

A George III silver tantalus, London 1816 by William Bateman I (1774 – 1850)

Silver jardinière


A silver jardinière, made in London in 1929 by the Crichton Brothers

Orléans silver candlesticks

3 500,00 

A pair of silver candlesticks made in Orléans in 1770 – 1772 by Pierre IX Hanappier

Cologne silver teapot

5 800,00 

A silver teapot, Cologne circa 1746 – 1761 by Hermann Joseph von der Rennen (1728 – 1779)