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Lothaire von Seebach

Oil painting with a view painted by Lothaire von Seebach (1852 - 1930)

Leo Schnug

A portrait of a man made by Leo Schnug

Strasbourg silver-gilt goblet

A silver-gilt goblet, Strasbourg middle of the 18th century by Johann Philip FUCHS

Silver sugar sifter

A silver-gilt sugar sifter, Strasbourg 1770-1771 by Johann Daniel WISAND

Vue de Strasbourg

Une xylographie présentant une vue de Strasbourg.

Bowl by Daum in Nancy

A bowl in glass made by Daum in Nancy, presenting a decoration with Alsatians

Mirror made in Bern

A wooden carved gilded mirror made in Bern in the 18th century

Lucien Blumer

Oil painting made by Lucien Blumer with the cathedral and Palais Rohan

Gilt-silver and mother-of-pearl cutlery

A gilt silver and mother-of-pearl cutlery, Paris 1798 by François-Charles Gavet

Rococo service silver spoon, Augsburg

A Rococo service silver spoon, Augsburg between 1753 and 1755 by Salomon Dreyer

Strasbourg silver-gilt goblet

A silver-gilt goblet, made in Strasbourg between 1767 and 1768 by Ehrlen

Marqueterie of Paul Spindler

Marquetry, in-lay work of Paul Spindler

Lothaire von Seebach

An oil painting on canvas presenting a female nude made by Lothaire von Seebach (1853-1930) in 1910.

Daum Vase

Period : around 1900 Height : 19 cm Condition : perfect

Gustave Stoskopf

Oil painting by G. Stoskopf

Woman portrait

A miniature on ivory presenting a portrait of a woman, made in England in the end of the 18th century.